Spelautomater bilder zeus

spelautomater bilder zeus

Top Credits Its been so long since I wanted to update this, that I forgot who I wanted to thank.
However, Zeus is a burst mage meaning the little damage you get online casino, live casino out of chronos in return for cooldown is not as good as the health, protections and movement speed you get out of the other two items.This Is My Build Which Nets A Lot Of Kills, Assists And Whatnot.Since we are also starting with Sands of Time as our starting item, this means you will maintain your 10 cdr until the point you replace it with spirit robe, which is all the cdr zeus needs in my opinion.Top Matchups Zeus is a high tier mage at the moment, with strong early lane aggression and great clear.Detonate Charge, this is Zeus' nuking ability!Isotalis makes it hard to get your combo on him, and he can 100 to 0 you if your actives are down.Its basically as bad soul reaver that gives you 200 health.Agni, like zeus has lots of damage and range on his abilities.Nu wa has very safe clear and self peel, still not a big deal.
Introduction abilities items matchups items NOT to build /.

Top Items NOT to build on Zeus Same DPS as dynasty helm roughly, but 1100 gold more expensive.Like anubis, isis also likes to contest the early game, however she has low base hp, and if she missed a spirit ball she dies.Spirit Robe is better than chronos pendant or warlocks sash.Zeus is a team fight god, this would hurt his potential, and would mean giving up survivability or worse, Book of Thoth.Zeus has a great teamfight, with tons of range, and is relevant all game long.This is what takes their midlaner down to half health at level.However you have to get to that fully stacked late game, and getting warlocks while behind is terible, since you wont be able to get stacks, and your damage will suffer greatly.