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Clouds move so slow when there's nowhere to go and hasardspel online usa 1000 no one's a foe under autumn's glow.
Deep down, yet ever present to your mind, the hurts caused by careless fools, who were unaware of the precious treasure your heart contained, each one leaving a new scare on your essence, leaving also fear and mistrust in their wake.Its a temp job its pretty easy is mostly waitressing in diff places, the other day i worked in london eye it was so cool i got to go on a capsule (for my 1st time) and serve champagne to some kvartalet spelautomater 15 linjer posh people who rented.Literature, life, real is anything real, life is all a blur always spinning and moving so fast.Kneeling down while picking up these shards, With a hopeful glance towards the horizen, The clouds don't seem ready to break, Left to wonder weither or not to be saved, The ocean that we saw at sundown, Long blades of grass that tickled out feet.Is it real or am I really blind only imagining the things I see am I loosing sanity am I loosing the strength and piece of mind I once had?The darkness of past things have lost their grip now, for my prayers have rendered them powerless, and entry into your heart, your strength will not allow.Literature Dread Literature Precious Girl Precious girl, beautiful and bright, outgoing and carefree at least to the world's eyes.I finally have a job!Leaves dance in time to the beat of this rhyme and the past, now a crime but autumn doesn't mind.I have no dreams so life has become a dream.Hope to write back soon, and post some stuff.
So here I stand, having sworn to the heavens above, and the earth below, not to do the same, but to help you see your worth, and bring some healing to your soul.

I also worked in tower of london that was pretty sweet to but i bit harder, and i worked in a castle i think it was called hampton court.Dirty work hunterkiller 2,298 397, love-O-Saurus maria-in-motion 28 27 screen, 1 maria-in-motion 3 20, the Fool On the Hill, marcioMizuhara.You are not Alone.They only thing is that i'm missing all the holiday well at least i'm making money.Well, I have been lost for a couple of months now, I have been busy working with school, and have not had enough time to be online.Pain tells me yes I am alive but what is l iving without knowing reality when will the dream end and life truly begin?Literature Autumn Gaze Clear are the days that pass in a haze through the hours we laze in our autumn's gaze.Literature, swan Song, trembling hands reached out in the darkness, Clasping onto the fading light of this dream, A song playing repeatidly in the background, Attempting to grasp it just a little tighter, The light of a dream vanishes as it shatters, Oh is this.I softly touch the scares, and they slowly start to fade, I breathe upon your heart, and some of the hurting goes away.When will this confusion end when will the light return?But futures are so glum when the present is so fun though there's work to be done we won't let autumn run.