Slot maskinen manipulera magnetiska

slot maskinen manipulera magnetiska

64 (7 19 a b c Carman, Christián.; Evans, James (15 November 2014).
"The Antikythera Mechanism:.
"115 Anniversary of the Antikythera Mechanism Discovery".
8 9 10, found housed in a 340 millimetres (13 in) 180 millimetres (7.1 in) 90 millimetres (3.5 in) wooden box, the device is a complex clockwork mechanism composed of at least 30 meshing bronze gears.The New York Times.The crank moves the date pointer about 78 days per full rotation, so hitting a particular day on the dial would be easily possible if the mechanism were in good working condition.A b c Markoff, John (24 November 2014)."Calendars with Olympiad display and eclipse prediction on the Antikythera Mechanism" Paul Iversen, "The Calendar on the Antikythera Mechanism and the Corinthian Family of Calendars Hesperia 86 (2017 134-141.(Phoinikaios) (Kraneios) (Lanotropios) (Machaneus, "mechanic", referring to Zeus the inventor) (Dodekateus) (Eukleios) (Artemisios) (Psydreus) (Gameilios) (Agrianios) (Panamos) (Apellaios) Thus, setting the correct solar time (in days) on the front panel indicates the current lunar month on the back panel, with resolution to within a week.Investigations into the object were dropped until British science historian and Yale University professor, Derek.The modelled rotational period of the moon pointer (averaged over a year).321 days, compared to the modern length of a lunar sidereal month.321661 days.6 On the visual representation Freeth supplies in the paper, the pointers on the front zodiac dial have small, round identifying stones."What is the Antikythera mechanism?The gears k1 hyra en slot machine är programmerad and k2 form an epicyclic gear system ; they are an identical pair of gears that don't mesh, but rather, they operate face-to-face, with a short pin on k1 inserted into a slot.

5 8 59 The Exeligmos train is driven by b1, b2, l1, l2, m1, m3, e3, e4, f1, f2, g1, g2, h1, h2, and i1, which mounts the pointer.Incidentally, it is the only pointer on the mechanism that rotates counter-clockwise; all of the others rotate clockwise.Based on the distribution of the times of the eclipses, it has recently been argued that the start-up date of the Saros dial was shortly after the astronomical new moon of 28 April 205.The bars could have been full gears, although there is no need for the waste of metal, since the only working part is the slot."On the Pin-and-Slot Device of the Antikythera Mechanism, with a New Application to the Superior Planets" (PDF).It is speculated that since such pains were taken to get the position of the moon correct, 14 :20, 24 then there also was likely to have been a "true sun" pointer in addition to the mean sun pointer likewise, to track the elliptical anomaly.The modelled rotational period of the pointer is the length of the 6939.5 days (over the whole five-rotation spiral while the modern value for the Metonic cycle is 6939.69 days.
Seaman, Bill; Rössler, Otto.
Other inscriptions seem to describe the function of the back dials.